Internet problems? Wifi problems? With internet being an integral part of everyday life downtime cannot be an option. Let us help you stay connect you.
Setting up network for your business Network Sharing issues? Network Printer?
Is your computer or laptop painfully slow? Slow start-up? Programs take a long time to open? Over time computers do tend to become slower. Our clean-ups & Yearly Services ensures your computer is up to optimal performance and health for both hardware & software.
Virus? Ransomware? Malware? Spyware? Trojan? As scary as it is you could be infected & not know about it. We take care of all forms of Viruses & Malware and will help protect you & your computer against the threats of the cyber world.
Errors We repair and provide Windows products Error 0xc0000254.. Look familiar? We repair Microsoft Windows & Office errors with products ranging from Windows 7, 8 and 10
We provide Microsoft office products and support